My Biography


Olga Filatova is an extraordinary Russian artist who has overcome limitation and soared gracefully over boundaries her entire life. At the age of 3, Olga lost most of her hearing in both ears, but it did not stop her from discovering her passion for the Arts. As she persevered into a young woman, Olga was determined and committed to exploring her love of music and the fluidity of movement. She studied and worked hard to carve a path as a Professional Dancer despite her hearing loss and flourished as the coveted lead of a Moulin-Rouge inspired Dance Troupe in her native Uzbekistan. People began to notice Olga and dancing transitioned into a parallel career in Modeling.

It was during this time that Olga discovered another artistic talent to add to her repertoire: Painting. Her ability to add emotion to canvas is a talent that cannot be taught. As she perfected the way her eyes capture still life through painting, her curiosity for other mediums, and interest about the other side of the camera, led her to Photography. With the help of her father and his old Russian Zenit-E film camera, Olga became a Photographer. To nobody’s surprise, she went on to master her skill through hard work and bested competitors to receive 3rd place in an internet-wide photography competition.

In 2012, Olga made the bold choice to move to the United States and broaden her horizons. Being no stranger to overcoming difficult tasks, Olga taught herself English and studied Acting to help her develop conversational skills and meaning to the words she was learning. The word “quit” is the only word near to exist in her vocabulary. Suddenly, Olga was an Actress being cast in several Pilots, Short, and Feature Films, and continued to expand her abilities with Scene Studies, Tactical Training for Film and Martial Arts.

She is the consummate Artist, still exploring and working professionally as a Painter, Photographer, a Model and an Actress. Living most of her life in almost silence, Olga Has also taken up the goal to give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

“On My Way to Perfection With Love To YOU…” is a phrase Olga created to express her soul in the simplest of ways.